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Hey there!

TheForge is a monthly membership community for entrepreneurs who want to work HEARTILY as to the Lord, lead their people towards God’s Truth, and support their families-- and they’re tired of doing it alone.

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Tired of hearing the business advice to “manifest your dream” or “live your truth” as if it’ll just magically fall in your lap because idk, you’re getting manicures now?

  • We all know good business takes time to build.

  • We all know hard work and endurance are 100% necessary.

  • We all know who deserves the glory here… (*psst* JESUS *cough*)

What if, instead of ANOTHER program/coach/funnel shoving more self-confidence and prosperity down your throat . . . you had a community that helped you FOLLOW THE CALLING JESUS GAVE YOU AS A KINGDOM-BRINGER and as a business owner?

WE’re made to bring the kingdom through our work, aren’t we?






The Forge Refine Method

Let’s put your idea through the fire. Fire refines. Fire reveals. Fire fights. Your idea is only as good as the heat it can stand. Let’s reveal the inconsistencies, burn away the extras, and make your next product, content, or services launch pure as crystal.


Phase 1: HEAT

IDENTIFY your thing
Walk through discovering who God created you to be, how He’s uniquely called you and evaluate all the reasons you’re equip for this next season.

VERIFY your thing
Use some tricks of the trade to test your idea, verify its value, and start gathering feedback right away.

MAP your thing
Make a plan that is realistic, but gets you excited and moving forward with your next launch.

Phase 2: HAMMER

SYSTEMIZE your thing
Set up systems for client management, time tracking, goal breakdown and more.

BRAND your thing
Become equipped with the knowledge you need to brand well, show up excellently, and look professional online.

POSITION your thing
Refine content plan and messaging, position yourself with intention, learn how to talk about the value you bring, and develop your messaging, tagline, brand pillars, and more!


LAUNCH your thing
Plan and implement a professional launch plan, so you can track, evaluate, manage content, and put your product/service out into the world, excellently.

ENDURE the dip (make or break moment)
Find support for mental health, seasons of rest, and partner with a community who supports you.

ITERATE your thing
Learn how to best evaluate, scale, and iterate your business so you can keep moving forward in what God is calling you to walk out.

And we will be here the whole time answering questions, reminding you of God's truth, holding you accountable (like for real), and celebrating your successes BIG TIME


What’s included:

Weekly office hours on the 3rd Tuesday of every month

Access to your hosts, Zac and Lilah Tuesdays from 9am-noon (mountain time) to get your questions answered, meet other members, and talk shop. It’s basically like the coffeehouse corner where everyone knows your name.

Monthly Trainings on 1st Saturday of every month

Get down into that nitty gritty business and faith content with our monthly trainings via Zoom, with additional Q&A/Coaching time at the end so you feel 100% confident moving forward with what you’ve learned.

Bonus Monthly Guest Training

We have an INCREDIBLE network of entrepreneurs and we’re bringing one in every single month to expand on that month’s scheduled topic (YUP, we’ll be learning about ONE topic a month until you’re SUPER comfortable with that thing)

Slack Community

We loveeeee Slack and it’s the best way we’ve found to build community and GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. Slack functions similarly to a Facebook group, but has some amazing organization features. This is the hub of our membership and where we spend MAJORITY of our time in theForge.

Daily Prompts

We’ve made it easy for you to check in each day AND make the progress you need to on your goals. With our daily prompts, you’ll have little excuse to ignore your tasks and you’ll see progress MUCH FASTER than if you were on your own.

Course Library

Get access to all past trainings and bonus resources to help you along your journey to refining your business and yourself!

Brand Blueprints

Get free access to our full library of done-for-you style guides so you can implement your branding and start sharing your vision right away!


What can you expect?

A community who gets you and helps you identify what’s holding you back.

Relationships require intimacy and trust before we’ll feel comfortable calling each other out, so we’ve created a safe space, one where we work alongside you. Making this space SAFE and KIND has been and will continue to be one of our top priorities because it facilitates trust and cultivates accountability.


Reassurance that you aren’t alone in comparison, rejection, and loss.

Our students open up to one another and have shared deep hurts, fears, and losses with one another. If you’re a sympathetic crier, grab the tissues before our calls! We’re working on emotional wounds and DEEP healing in Jesus’ name!


Accountability to actually do the things you know you need to do to be obedient.

Speaking of, we hold one another accountable! We check in weekly, daily, and monthly to evaluate your progress and make sure you’re working hard on your goals. We also understand that life happens and God directs our steps, so there’s lots of grace along the way.


Personal access to people who run businesses and have found success in growing slow and steady

We’ve done all the things and understand what it REALLY takes to build a successful business. We don’t hold back our hard-earned WISDOM. We like to teach with a good balance of realism and dream-scaping, giving you the real, nitty-gritty details of what it takes to own your space, build your brand, and scale your business.


More than just your eyes on your work and how your brand is being perceived (aka, a typo-checking-band-of-ninjas!)

This one basically speaks for itself. We make sure that everything you’re making looks professional and is branded EXCELLENTLY with your vision and mission in mind, both in visually beautiful and captivating ways AND happily-converting content.



Listen, it’s SO easy to get swept up into the rush of it all and the glam of “working from anywhere.”

And there are GOOD desires there for freedom, and joy, and life to the fullest.

But you are made for more than temporary luxury and limited prosperity.

You were made for DEEP soul, Kingdom-bringing work.

You are already running the race well, my friend, but you look tired. (I know I was!)

You already have everything you need in Jesus, but you forget that and need to be reminded. (um, on the daily over here!)

You’ve already been obedient, you just need help seeing the ways in which God has been faithful. (SO MANY REMINDERS!) You cannot do this without people around you to help.

It’s HARD to find the community that overlaps online business with a church community, but I’m honored to say that God’s allowed us to build it.

And we can’t wait to have you along the ride with us.

Our monthly membership fee is $35 and we promise you won’t regret your investment.

Cancel anytime, no commitment.


Hey there, Zac and Lilah here!

In our own story, the ability to leave the traditional workplace and build something from home solved so many problems, but accidentally created the problem of isolation.

We’ve worked from home together for 3 years now (8 in business total!) and have seen God move in mighty ways throughout our business and life since!

God’s allowed us to walk this out and He’s given us an amazing network of people to do it with. We want you to have that too!

We’ve got two kids (Fletcher and Ella) and we live in Northwestern Wyoming. California blood runs through our veins, but the West has stolen our hearts and given us a place to call home. On any given day, you’ll find us on quick nap drives to Yellowstone, helping our kids learn the value of learning (we homeschool!) watching Star Trek in our jammies, biking/hiking through our local mountains, or hanging out at our other business, the Cody Escape Room!

We’re serial entrepreneurs and always looking for the next thing to dive into!

Back in 2015, we saw a giant hole in the online space for a community of Christ-followers. That’s why we’ve built a strategic, functional, easy-to-use, welcoming place to come be, grow, and rest outside of the normal veins of a noisy internet.




theForge helped me to focus and make progress with my business mindset especially when I needed it most. I love your talent to draw out the best in people, and you helped me to get more clear on my goals and always pointed us to keep God the focus of our business work.”


“I’ve got a clearer vision of who I am and image I want for my business because of you. Thank you!” — LESLIE L., OBM

“I joined theForge as I was transitioning to something new in my business. It gave me a safe space to test out new ideas, and a supportive community where we explored how faith impacts our businesses. Because of this group, I was able to really connect my faith calling to what I do in business, and it has made all the difference in my motivation and productivity.” — MARIA W., WEB DEVELOPER & DESIGNER

I got clearer on what I will not do for "business sake"...the hustle, the grind, and the unrest that comes with all that. I have come closer to surrender through The Forge and the relationships in it. - BETH J., NON-PROFIT FOUNDER

“TheForge has helped us set goals and keep us accountable to the things we want to accomplish BIG PICTURE –and we’re actually taking steps to implement together as a couple!” - ALLIE AND ZACH P., PODCAST HOSTS

“Lilah and Zac are a powerhouse. Together they naturally bring with them a sense of togetherness and realness that I have never seen lived out so boldly in anyone else. God has clearly trained them for this! They make big promises and I can guarantee you that when you join theFORGE those promises will be met!

After just a few weeks my vision and mission for my business were refined, I had a more visually appealing brand, my goal and dreams became SO much more clear, and my idea of success quickly altered to be much more aligned with God’s truth. I will forever regard investing in theForge as the best thing I could have ever done for my business and myself. There truly is nothing else like it.” - DUSTY H., SHOP OWNER

"I am a member of some 600+ member mastermind groups, and I have never received the support in them like I have in the Forge. I have blossomed more here than anywhere!" - CHRIS T, MAKER



Can couples join together?

YES! We LOVE when couples jump in. We’re happy to set up two accounts when you subscribe as a member. Just shoot us an email here:

Can I cancel anytime? What happens?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to jump in and out as needed. You can manage your account at Once you cancel, you’ll be removed from our Slack group and will no longer receive emails as you do as a Forge Member.

Do I have to be a Christian to join?

No, but you must be cordial and kind in all conversations (this goes for EVERYONE in theForge) despite disagreements. We teach from a biblical-world view and one that is focused on Jesus as our Savior and king. You can read our full manifesto here.


Here’s the deal. We know you're ready to work hard -let's make a promise to each other right now that we BOTH will. Here are the requirements and commitments we need from you before you consider applying.

  • you must have a solid and tested business idea, or willing to get one organized quickly

  • you must take responsibility for working hard and showing up AT LEAST every other day

  • you must be willing to be vulnerable and open up about struggles and wins (as soon as you’re comfortable and we prove our trust, obviously!)

  • you must be passionate about your idea and trust it’s value on the world

  • you must also value real, honest community

  • you must commit to actively engaging in the community, asking your own questions and answering others’

  • you must commit to WORKING HARD FOR freedom in all areas of life

  • you must commit to showing up to weekly office hours and in Slack often

  • you must be willing to take risks, under the guidance of prayer and biblical wisdom

  • you must be willing to take actionable steps on advice given

  • you must be open and pursuant of real friendship

  • you must see your job and life’s work as of kingdom-valuable and important garden work

So you ready to become a Forger?

Here's what it could look like for you:

- You wake up everyday with messages from your community, cheering you on and giving you feedback
- You get to share your ideas and sales pages and dreams with a super fun (and trusted!) community
- You love that you get to use your business to bring God glory
- You don't turn off potential customers with your wisdom, you entice them
- You bring in the income, but also trust in God's timing for all business-related things
- You partner with your spouse in dreams bigger than your business right now
- You get to pay off debt and save up cash
- You enjoy your work for maybe the first time ever
- You're inventive and come up with good ideas that work flawlessly for your business and lifestyle
- Your clients know you for doing things differently and coming up with original content

You ready?