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TOPIC Overview:

Establishing boundaries in personal life, business, and relationships.

BOOK of the month:

We read Boundaries by John Cloud and Henry Townsend.

My VIDEOS on boundaries:




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It was a total privilege to welcome Kendra Hennessy to the podcast and our private training in theForge! She is a wife, mom, and business owner of Mother Like A Boss, where "homemaking is a necessary part of life and here, we believe in helping you get your homemaker "ish" together."

You can learn more about Kendra and check out her available resources at the links below:






“A large amount of issues I've had in past relationships were people who benefited by my lack of boundaries.”

“I feel like the biggest things that I took away was making sure my core values are included on the about page. It’s something I want to be sure is clear. I hadn’t really thought of this emphasis until now.”

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