Q. What is the main thing the Forge focuses on?

A. We focus on business growth through biblical principles. Each month, we’ll work through a new topic together with a balance of teaching, and application, and accountability. We believe that when you're called to something, you're automatically equipped for it. We use community, relationships, our hard-earned business knowledge, prayer, and the word of God to help equip you with the knowledge and insights you need to show up well online and reach your personal and business goals. We focus on mindset, branding, and structuring your business with integrity, fearlessness, and leadership.

Q. What results will I get from the Forge?

A. We're focused on results, but maybe not the kind you're looking for. We value your personal growth and knowledge of God and your calling over stats and monetary gains. That being said, our members find that money, growth, and audience-building happens naturally when they're focused in on the things God's calling them to and the ways in which they feel led to show up.

Q. Can I cancel anytime? What happens?

A. Yes, you’re more than welcome to jump in and out as needed. You can manage your account at www.theforge.community/login. You’ll be removed from our Slack group and will no longer receive emails as you do as a Forge Member.


Q. Can couples join together?

A. YES! We LOVE when couples jump in. We’re happy to set up two accounts when you subscribe as a member. Just shoot us an email here: hello@thehigginscreative.com


Q. Why is there an application?

A. We strive to protect the integrity of our community to ensure that the people joining share similar motivations, world-views, and goals. We are a Christian-based community and strive to live out the Kingdom in our daily lives and in our businesses.


Q. Do I have to be a Christian to join?

A. No, but we ask that you be cordial and kind in all conversations (this goes for EVERYONE in theForge) despite disagreements. We teach from a biblical-world view and one that is focused on Jesus as our Savior and king. You can read our full manifesto of what we believe here.


Q. I don't know my bible well, am I qualified to join?

A. OF COURSE! We're not scholars and we're all learning and studying together. We want you to feel equipped in your business from a biblical perspective. That means we dig into scripture TOGETHER and pray over our businesses TOGETHER. No judgement, just love and diving into God's word together.

Q. I'm not religious, is this a safe space for me?

A. Safe, of course! Christianity is an inclusive belief system based on Jesus' work and the idea that we are ALL created in the image of God and have inherent value. We will love, support, and serve you no matter what you believe! All of our students are varying in our faith background and at different stages of knowledge, experience, and religious beliefs. That being said, we use the Bible and the guidance of the Holy Spirit as our main sources of wisdom and direction. If you're not comfortable with leadership built on biblical principles, this might not be the best space for you. We open and close in prayer on every call and share prayer requests throughout the week. We focus fairly equally on business and faith, so if the faith conversation doesn't bother you, there will still be huge value in the business and brand strategy side of our content. In the end, it's up to you. We're more than happy to get on a call to see if we're a good fit to work together!