When you’ve got a heart of an entrepreneur, but no vision, it can feel like you’re walking knee-deep in mud.

You KNOW you’re made for more. You KNOW you have something to offer the world, and you know you want to support your family with your work…

But you struggle because you’re not sure how to structure it, or if that thing can even be a profitable business, and you lie awake at night and wonder “am I even doing this right?”

I’m betting you’ve started and stopped a bunch of “side hustles” and “ideas”, but you’ve never really landed on one that you felt could be sustainable and really help you walk out your calling.

Fear, doubt, and just flat lack of motivation have kept you stuck, while at the same time wanting more.

Have no fear, you’re in the right place!


Only the good ones struggle through this sense of calling and purpose. You’re in good company.

We all have one special “thing” we’ve always been great at (or maybe two or three or ten.) It’s probably something you’ve felt is easy, natural even, and over the years you’ve honed it by default, or by intention.

You’ve been called “talented” or “skilled” but it kind of stops at compliments, because you just don’t feel like what you have to offer is valuable to the world.


And a lot of people are willing to pay someone else to do that thing for them.

You already have the skill, now you just need the know-how to put it into action.

You’re already good at this, but you’re simply lacking the next step –which is I’m hosting a FREE Forge Masterclass called Gift to Profit, where we’re going to take a look at your innate, God-given gifts and how those were meant to serve the world.

We’re going to take you from hearing “you’re so talented!” to “where do I pay!”

Let’s go!

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